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In This Section Marathon Equatorial Guinea Petroleum Liquid

Metice Development Solutions Ltd Have been working very closely with MEGPL & EGLNG over the last four years. Working in preparation to support the localisation programme for knowledge transfer of skills to EG nationals.

Specifically Metice have researched through interviews with ex pats and EG Nationals the business critical soft skills development areas.

Bespoke interventions have been developed around cultural intelligence and communication processes supporting effective planning & organising in the work place.

Interventions include Problem Solving and Decision Making, Managing People in Projects, Instructional Techniques, Coaching and Mentoring, Presentation Skills, Managing Performance, Communication Skills and Managing Self. Metice has also undertaken a specific initiative to develop the training skills of company trainers.

Feedback has been exceptional with great interest being generated for all Metice courses.Metice take very seriously the work place transfer of any classroom skills development. MEGPL & EGLNG have been very supportive in the encouragement of line managers to be involved in supporting new skills development through follow up material developed by Metice.

Both MEGPL & EGLNG have structured plans in place to replace over forthcoming years ex pat roles within the Oil sector in Equatorial Guinea.

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