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Change Initiation - The Fourteen Rules of Communication.

“How much should we tell them?” and “When should we tell them?” are questions we agonize over whenever the agenda is one of change. Of course some change processes may require high levels of confidentiality and all Human Resource issues need to be correctly considered.

However let’s not be tempted to hide behind a façade of secrecy because it suits us. It might just be that “they” are able to assist with and speed up the change process --- if they are actively involved.

Let’s not forget that if we allow the creation of a communication vacuum the team will make up their own stories to fill it. Imaginations will run riot and the prophets of doom will reign supreme.

So let’s follow the Fourteen Rules of Communication –

  1. Tell people when you have something to say
  2. Tell people you have nothing to tell them when you have nothing to tell them
  3. Tell people what you plan to do
  4. Tell people when you plan to do it
  5. Tell people what you will be doing
  6. Tell people what you would like them to do
  7. Tell people who is likely to be affected
  8. Tell people what the new world will look like
  9. Tell people what their place in the new world will be like
  10. Tell people how they will fit into the future
  11. Tell people all the timescales
  12. Tell people what the result will look like
  13. Tell people how you will assist them in the transition
  14. Tell people it’s OK to ask questions
  15. The FIFTEENTH rule of course is LISTEN to all the messages, the good ones and the bad ones

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