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Personal Coaching – The Wheel of Life

How balanced is your life?

Personal Coaching is a highly effective tool for developing yourself as well as others. It can support any change that a person wants to make in any aspect of their life. Work through the following steps to see how quickly personal performance coaching can help you

Step 1

Draw up is list of 8-10 important areas that make up your life. Or that you would like to make up your life. For example: health, money, leisure time, family, spirituality, self-development, career development, home/lifestyle, travel, study, voluntary work, friends/socialising, self esteem/ confidence etc. You can choose from this list or add your own- write them on the outside of your balance wheel.

Step 2

Draw a scale along side each of your areas and mark on the scale how satisfied you are in each area. 1 = low 10 =high.

Step 3

Identify the areas where you score below 5.

Step 4

Choose 1 area and reflect on why the score is low – What is missing? What needs to be changed? And most importantly – What do you want to change it?

Step 5

You now have an area to focus on. Consider all you options for bringing about the change you want to make. Select an action and just do it!.

Make the first step to having the life you want “

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