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Personal Coaching - The Coaching Culture

A belief that great people at every level create great organisation’s.

A desire to constantly review and evaluate how we can do things better.

It is fine to create adult conversations about performance.

Business partners who role model by coaching focusing on improved performance Zero tolerance of poor performance at every level.

Are people jobs and the work designed in order to obtain the maximum intrinsic motivation from doing the work well?

A desire to break the natural assumption of the dominant ‘training culture’ where employees at every level assume they must attend a training course to be able to do something better.

Coaching is seen primarily as an opportunity rather than as a remedial intervention.In other words a desire to accentuate the positive.

A genuine and clearly demonstrated desire to maintain open and honest communication at every level.

The belief that individual, team morale and motivation have a direct impact on performance levels

and ultimately to results.

The belief that How it feels to work here as a direct link to How it feels to shop here.

Coaching is no longer viewed, as a nice to have it becomes an integral part of every manager’s

roles and responsibilities.

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