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Facilitation for Me – Self Assessment

It is not just the facilitators that require high levels of skill; facilitation is fast becoming one of the core requirements of all successful leaders. You may be leader a cross-functional project team or just leading your team and your department. Whichever scenario fits you will require all the qualities and skills of the successful facilitator.

The pace of change you and your team have to move with and the dynamic market place within you operate, requires the leader obtaining the most from his / her team. The leader now becomes the coach, mentor and the facilitator.

Facilitation what does the word mean?

Dictionary definition, to make easier, to help forward, to free from obstacles.

Facilitation for Me, Self-Assessment

Analyse your present strengths and development areas by rating yourself against the statements

below. Be as honest as you can in order to obtain clear guidance regarding your continuous professional


Three Point Scale 1. Need Help, 2. Need a Little Help, 3. No Help Needed

1. I can gain consensus with groups and reach closure

2. I can manage conflict between people.

3. I manage time well and stay on track.

4. I am skilful and insightful at questioning.

5. I am skilful at brainstorming and other problem solving tools.

6. I am knowledgeable about the stages of team / group development.

7. I am able through observation to assess the temperature of most groups.

8. I am able to set S.M.A.R.T.. objectives.

9. I have very good listening skills.

10. I have very clear powers of explanation.

Select your areas of limitation in order to create key activities to support your continuous professional

development. Be honest and create a realistic achievable action / activity plan for yourself.

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