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Effective Meetings or is it just another Meeting

How can we ensure it’s not just another meeting?

Questions to Consider

The Meeting is the only way forward

To ensure a positive successful outcome to your meeting consider the following:

The key consideration should always be what will happen as a result Attendees


Managing the Meeting

Recording Minutes and Action Points

The minutes should reflect the scope of the discussion, key points and conclusions reached. Action points arising should be set as SMART objectives and only allocated to someone

present at the meeting.

Follow Up Activity

Action points must be monitored and achievement assessed prior to the next meeting or deadline set.

Always gather feedback about the effectiveness of the meeting. This can be done formally or informally but will ensure that you continually look for ways to improve the meetings you hold.

around you, can handle those regular management tasks; this is as important as being an

effective leader.

Also, don’t forget - the best leaders are constantly striving to be better.

Every Success

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