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Good Training Technique - A long time after Kipling!

If you can keep up interest, while others round you fail,

If you maintain your keenness and avoid becoming stale;

If you are really certain that your stuff has gone across,

That the group has got some value and the time was not a loss;

If you can cut the cackle – make the trainees Do and Think,

And not just talk and talk, which drives a chap to drink;

If you can stress the things that count, not spouting what you know,

To make a great impression on the trainees that you know;

If you paraphrase the pamphlet – talk of ‘hole’ not ‘orifice’,

And use the simplest language in a way trainees cannot miss;

If you are a certain master of the things you have to teach,

And keep down to the brass tacks within the trainee’s reach;

If you have a voice that is confident, which carries to the throng,

If you have a word of praise as well to help the slow along;

If you can keep the human touch, ignore the bully’s way,

If you command respect, not fear, and are patient all the day;

If you set a good example, in dress and gait and air

Though it may mean early rising and an awful lot of care;

If you reason WHY and HOW, not grimly name the part,

If you can be consistent without learning things by heart;

If your equipment is working, while others fume and stall,

And your lesson has a sequence and never starts to pall;

If your diagrams and models can be seen by everyone,

And your group, when you have finished, are sad that it is done;

And IF, combined with all these points, you are natural and real,

You are a pretty good trainer – in fact – ALMOST IDEAL.

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Metice eBit