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How do I create structure for my continuous professional development?

We are, all at every level responsible more than ever for maintaining our continuous professional development (C.P.D). We spend hours and hours preparing and planning for the development of our subordinates and spend far too little time planning and organising our own development.

We obviously are very busy and have to balance many balls in the air at one time, but is this sufficient reason not to focus on our own C.P.D.

The best way is to consider and work within a formal framework. The framework used often for our subordinates would be around the mnemonic S.M.A.R.T.

S   Specific        The Goal must be specific in what is to be achieved.

M   Measurable The result must be measurable and observable.

A   Actionable    The manager and the employee must accept the goal parameters, the goal to be action /                                activity based.

R    Realistic       The goal as to be achievable, relevant and realistic for the employee.

T    Timely.          The goal must be allocated a time frame within which to measure Achievement

Your Structure

1. Analyse your present strengths and development area’s; consider what would be the priority learning and development need for yourself.

2. Develop a specific goal to be achieved, be clear and precise

3. Allocate some formal and informal measurements to assess your progress. Remember to

celebrate your success.

4. Ensure you create a goal that your can accept and but into.

5. Personal goals which are far too unrealistic will never be achieved, ensure you create yourself

a realistic goal

6. Create yourself some timelines for achievement and success.

Be honest and create a realistic achievable action / activity plan for yourself.

Every Success

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