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In This Section The Super Six  T. A. L. E. N. T.


Assessment and Analysis - Models and Frameworks.


Total Ownership and Commitment - Strategic and Executive Alignment.


Looking at Succession - Succession planning a subset of talent.


Engaging Talent Pools - Considering talent, acceleration pools.


Now is the Right Time - Self, organisational readiness analysis.


Training the Super Keepers - Learning and development interventions.

Talent Management  Programme 18 Interactive Exercises

Why this programme is vital for you and your company:-

"Before everything else getting ready is the secret of success"  Henry Ford.

Nurture tomorrow's talent today: establish how to develop a rich talent for your business

Implement a long-term learning and development programme for your talent: create an environment of growth both for the individual and the organisation

Align people and business strategies through an integrated talent management programme: make talent management the core focus of the entire business

Engage line managers in your talent management strategy: ensure key management buy-in to maximise the potential for success

Transform your key talent and provide them with the skills to run winning organisations

Establish a leadership team in a high performing organization

Support your key players so that they quickly and efficiently progress in their roles

"To be the best you need the best"   Don Greenwood     2011

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