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Personal Coaching – What I Want to Achieve

“ I’ve always wanted to…” How many times have you begun a sentence with that phrase? More than a few I would imagine. So what do you then do? Usually we reflect for a moment on what it would be like to have / do that thing and we sigh wistfully then get back to our daily lives. But STOP RIGHT THERE! Go one stage further and ask yourself:

“If I have always wanted to … why haven’t I?

Follow the 6 steps to start the journey to achieving your goal

Step 1. What is it you want to achieve?

Define what your goal really is – for example if it is to have more money – how much more – if it to get a better job – define what you mean by better.

Step 2. Why do you want to achieve it?

Is it your goal or one that you think others expect you to achieve? What is achieving the goal going to mean to you and how is it going to make you feel?

Step 3. What have you already tried?

What actions have you taken previously to achieve you goal, When was that? Who was involved?

Step 4. Why didn’t they work?

What went wrong? Where were the blockages and barriers to success? Would they work better now? Are the blockages and barriers still there?

Step 5. What else could you do?

On a sheet of paper brainstorm all the possible actions you could take that would help you achieve your goal. Be as off the wall as you like, sometimes the wackiest ideas are the ones that will really move you forward. Talk to a trusted friend and see if they have any other ideas that could help you.

Step 6. What can possibly hinder you?

Again list down all the possible barriers that could hinder your progress. You need to be aware of these barriers so that you can plan ways to tackle them. But remember if you really want to achieve your goal then nothing can stop you, it may just be a long journey. For example if you want to become a rocket scientist but have no training or qualifications then you could still achieve your goal but it will take time to achieve it. Even distant dreams can be brought closer when you make the first step.

Step 7. What would be your enablers to success?

Consider people, systems, processes, also all previous lessons learned, Where are your stakeholders,

sponsors, who could help and assist? Where could you strategic network help you?

Step 8. The first step

Look at your thoughts from step 3 and 4 above. Choose one action that you can do this week to start the journey to achieving your goal and then.

Just do it !

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